Things will be all right.

After a long period of ‘silence’, we’re working very hard on the first recordings of a brand new musical project.

Music has always played an important role in my life. As a kid, I wanted to study music. Still, this wasn’t the idea of my mother. I got introduced to punkmusic and DIY on a very young age. My first punk record was ‘It’s Time To See Who’s Who’ by CONFLICT. I was about 12y old. From then on I got interested in all forms of resistance and created a critical view on society. A friend gave me my first bass when I was 15y. From then on I never quit playing music. I started to play in bands and opened my horizon for other styles of music. In the meanwhile I started to study at the Royal Academy – Gent. During the first year of the University Radio, UR-GENT, I was involved (selecting music, doing interviews, etc) in the longest running radio show they had: ‘Rommelkot’. During my last year at the Royal Academy – Gent, I got my first double bass. A few years later I took some music lessons at a local music school and had some private teachers (ao. Peter Jacquemyn).

peter puype clickClick Picture

Here is some footage about projects I did (some more, icl video’s will come soon):

The angry punk

Present Ieper HC festival:

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