T-shirt ‘Fear Industry’

Exclusive t-shirt, only 20 made S/M/L Send email to check if we still have your size. Only a few left.


Fear is a funny thing / Poster

Poster offset: 40-60cm – Matt Machine Coated – 250gr / incl post.


Suicide Pack

Signed and nubered 1/15 – Needle (0,9 x 70mm, Sterican) – Syringe (20ml, synthetic material) – Ampul (20ml, 75 x 23mm, fresh air, round glass) – Ligature (rubber 30mm, Stella) incl post


Consume And Kill

Blueprint paper hand printed letterpress Signed and numbered 1/5 30/40cm incl post


Democracy In The West / Violence For The Rest.

Signed and numbered 1/10 Screenprint on scrap card board. Every print / card board is different. Get in touch for more info about these prints, they are really unique. incl post


Face mask: ‘Fear Is A Funny Thing’. 50/50 / signed. SOLD OUT