We must inspire fear in order to proceed to violence.

FEAR - copie

We must inspire fear in order to proceed to violence. The higher the fear, the more furious the attacks on the enemy.

Anger is created when a person demands recognition and is denied. Every human being is looking to be recognized. In this struggle, every man can transform into a monster. The monster will risk its life for a flag, a symbol or a grail. This aim for recognition comes when power is corrupted to become an ideology, which basically means a false consciousness. The “normal” consciousness is decoded by propaganda and other forms of manipulation. We are provoked to hate the enemy. An enemy we usually do not know. Manipulation, created by the perverted power, can be driven so far as to lead to dehumanisation.

Insecurity creates fear, and if that fear is enhanced by negative press about the “barbarian enemy”, we end up in interminable and extreme violence. The internet is the ideal means of propaganda of insecurity. Propaganda is used to dehumanize the enemy and to strike fear into the own ranks. The horrors of the enemy as a monster are visualized. All human characteristics, like culture, morals and intellect, are taken away from the enemy. We no longer see a human being and feel no longer an empathic discomfort towards the rival. All that remains is indifference. Aggression makes little impression. The rival becomes an object if you don’t feel resistance towards the suffering of this other person.

In the West as well we are confronted with fear, in different areas: fear of crime, fear of immigrants, fear of environmental disasters, fear of intimidation, fear of the State and its taxes, fear of sexual degradation and so forth. The creation of insecurity, pointing out a potential threat or enmity will bring about this fear. Our freedom is limited and so we revert to security. Through this manipulation, security is preferred to freedom.

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