Under permanent threat, evil becomes good.

threat - copie

By adopting a tough guy attitude we scare the enemy and attempt to take him down. At this point, we start using aggression. By believing we are being wronged, we justify the use of aggression. We will defend ourselves with counter-violence. If we find ourselves in a life-threatening situation, we must counter the attack with violence. Whoever shows fear at that time, signs their own death warrant. The best antidote to fear is aggression.

Our consciousness takes up an exalted position. The forms of aggression in man cannot be found in the animal instinct, animal aggression, and even less so in man as a herd animal. By having a consciousness we are aware of time, we are unable to forget. Even if we suppress something, it remains. As such, the future will bring about a bloody battle.

At the time man’s honour is hurt, or he craves fame and recognition, man will fight. Our consciousness is not only based on the gathering of food, but more on our dignity. That is the reason why man makes enemies. The human dignity makes war ànd peace. This way, war, battle and enmity never end. From this desire of recognition we have shaped history. Envy and outrage are the driving forces behind our struggle for recognition. We compare ourselves to another in equality or in difference.

We no longer understand the point of aggression. The government solves conflicts between citizens without violence. We no longer live in life-threatening environments, surrounded by wild animals and violent neighbours. There is a system of laws and rules, which we stand by.

Aggression is used to survive in times of scarcity or indivisible possession. The horror is meant to protect those close to us from destruction and extinction. It becomes a situation of “us against them”. Under permanent threat, evil becomes good. Concepts like “evil” or “the beast within man” are not necessary to explain the fearful side of man. It’s not about good against evil. Violence is based on deeper fears of inability against nature, the fragility of our own body and miscommunication with others.

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