To educate is to channel and orient human aspiration.


Media and television play an important role. They have three functions. All three are part of the propaganda of the system: information, education and entertainment. The information we receive comes from five news agencies: UP, AP, Reuters, AFP and Tass (international). All of these agencies have a Western view on the world, which raises the question of whether they can truly be objective. This is an important form of mass manipulation. The establishment talks about itself and protects its own way of thinking.

To educate is to channel and orient human ambition, the feelings and behaviour. Still, we cannot forget that TV and media often work according to a certain ideology, and pretend to be neutral. On the one hand, the public must gain insight and be independent. On the other, the values of submission and obedience must be taught, which is an opposite in education. There are almost no programmes that try to develop a sceptical mind.  The television is the new master, while we’re not being taught how to think critically.

Here we recognize a form of passive power. In every living room, there is a television playing: everyone in front of their own tube. This allows power to be fulfilled without violence.

Productivity, like usefulness and obedience, can be increased. The applied techniques are military or religious in origin. The media are a new area where these techniques are adapted and refined to be supple control mechanisms. Through this form of discipline, a new society is formed. The chaotic, unproductive and dangerous masses are transformed into a table of structured and efficient working bodies.

This approach to power, and its effect and repartition, shouldn’t always be seen as negative. A system of rules ensures the stability of the realization of self-worth of the individual within a group. Without these rules, which are adapted to polemic values, one could never achieve the same level of success. They are needed to be successful. Conflicting values endanger the contemplated results.

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