NYC – Ad Hoc – 2008 ‘Pictures Of The Greatest Nation On Earth’

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The Greatest Nation On Earth – NYC 2008

“New York’s cold, like a dying animal with nowhere to go but centralpark where the oudoors helps it remember New York isn’t the only place in the world. The animal drinks that green into his soul, then goes back to the streets again and the tombstones with neon epitaphs flashing his life before him, as cold as the stone around him. He’s aware he’s no longer dying, he’s long been dead. New York’s his graveyard. He’s a walking shadow of a man, lonely and tall as those windowpaned tombstones that haunt him into heaving his bed on Harlem’s skid row, the lure that leads him downtown to see if it too has fallen with his dreams, the impulse impossible to resist, to look up and see if it is all still there, higher than any mountain with its sudden daring sweep into the sky.  How else should a city with the standards of hell be built? With grass and trees, on the ground, where heaven can be seen by a small child just learnig to walk or by a man six feet tall? No, New York is an idea built high into the sky by those who own and run it, so they can look down and see its filth and look out and see only space  between the skycrapers at eye’s level with heaven. If a man can accept that city for the hell it is and still go on  about his duties, it’s truly God he’s found.”

From: Beneath The Underdog – CHARLES MINGUS – 1922-1979  – Vintage books 1971 – NYC – USA

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