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    • studio peter puype

      license: 'creating fear as a brand'
      gent jazz festival & jazz middelheim 2018
      the title: 'license' - 'creating fear as a brand'. is a reference to contemporary (western) society in which we are constantly confronted with fears.
      every product, every brand, has become the symbol of the success of western society. to maintain this success, a large part outside the safe boundaries of the west lives in uncertainty.j
      the products we consume are often made in questionable circumstances. yet they are always presented with a 'happy advertisement'. fear is the biggest product on the moment.
      just because license is a brand name and does not offer any products, we can immediately refer to propaganda. propaganda is the means used by totalitarian systems to proclaim an ideology.
      the mechanisms used in propaganda are similar to the techniques in advertising. both want to manipulate our thinking.

      'license: creating fear as a brand. cairo / egypt :
      this manipulation of the brain is reinforced by showing the ‘artwork’ (3 advertisement posters, arabic translation: 'it's the final countdown' & 'wealth in the west, chaos for the rest') outside in the street and not in an art exposition room of the ‘something else’ / cairo biennale. a confusion arises, as the public sees these texts with a specific layout. the subconscious of the mind is also addressed here, because the public gets confused with this form of advertising, manipulation.

      translate at cc. de ververij - ronse - belgium - 2018.
      4 video's: 'communication as violence
      10 propaganda posters: 100/70cm.

    • click for: brainwashing posters

    • click for: screenprint on cardboard from the amsterdam city propaganda serie

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      pictures of the phd exhibition 'communication as violence' at mona (museum of the newest art) - poznan - poland.
      installation: 'your country ain't your blood' (flag, cloth hanger, blood bottles)
      text board: 'communication as violence' (wood, lac paint 90/130cm)

      5 prints with wooden letterpress blocks on blueprint papers from poland (communist era)
      democracy in the west, violence for the rest. (30/45cm)
      consume and kill. (42/60cm)
      show no mercy. dehumanisation (30/90m)
      dissident. (30/65cm)
      it’s the final count down. (30/45cm)

      'dehumanisation'(is humans likening other humans to animals, objects and automatons): performance.

    • video dehumanisation

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      'the west must die': screen print on waste cardboard and paper
      'the west must die', printed in arabic, chinese and russian, spread around nyc.
      this is an act of terror, according to the patriot act.

      'coat of arms' (wood, lac paint, 40/60cm)

      'decline': screen print on waste cardboard
      click here for more info about this project at 'brakke grond' amsterdam

      'church of capitalism': 5/12/6m wood, cardboard
      'pita maria': shoarma grill, plaster statue

      'iconoclasm': is het ontwerp van peter puype waarbij je als het ware in een kermiskraam als bezoeker gipsen mariabeeldjes mag stukgooien met stenen.
      'iconoclasm': is the concept of peter puype which you as a visitor, as it were in a fairground stall, can throw stones to plaster maria figurines.

      'puype for president': performance and installation.
      this performance is about the behaviour of politicians during election campaigns.

      all the election advertisement boards were destroyed during the open air exhibition.

      'united in diversity', redesigned national flags with motto:
      picture 1: exhibition view hannover 'boondogs' / 2015
      picture 2: exhibition view dresden 'ostrale / 2016

      united in diversity / ενωμένοι στην πολυμορφία / in vielfalt geeint
      “united in diversity”, the motto of the european union, first came into use in 2000.

      it signifies how europeans have come together, in the form of the eu, to work for peace and prosperity, while at the same time being enriched by the continent’s many different cultures, traditions and languages.

      'the final count down: installation with analog gasoline flow meter and number plates.
      the gasoline flow meter counts down from 00000 to 99999

      ''exile travel'- video installation
      exile travel shop in brussels: peter puype's travel agency for refugees – exile travel – has been inaugurated a couple of weeks ago on the chaussee d'ixelles 211 in brussels. since then people halted at its window, walked in, absorbed the ‘interviews’ with people who once found themselves in a ‘refugee-state’. some visitors asked more information about our 'new promotions' to irak, nepal, zimbabwe, and more.
      exile travel is een ‘installatie’ die de lotgevallen van enkele vluchtelingen verknoopt met een ‘europees’ angst- en veiligheidsdiscours. de installatie is tevens een zelf-onderzoek naar de rol van de kunstenaar ten aanzien van socio-politieke kwesties.
    • video exile travel

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      'propaganda office' : 'the product is the best tool of propaganda in the west. - screen print mobile - propaganda banners (mediations biënnale 2010) - propaganda screen print cardboards

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