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      Picture: Dr. Thomasz Wendland (Director of Mediations Biennale and promotor PhD: 'Communication as Violence'), Peter Puype and Kasia Qcharska (Curator of MONA - Museum Of The Newest Art / Poznan / Poland).

      Puype is working inside the field of the arts (galleries, musea, biennale, etc) as well as in the public space. Art is no longer a question of fulfilling the formats, demanded by the 'white cube'. The post-global environment is commanding us to bring critcal questions and remarcs on nowadays society. Artists have to bring their work in confrontation with the audience outside the protected world of 'the art scene'. Art is not a product ready made (Marcel Duchamp) by designers. To accomplish all of this Peter works with video, photo, drawing, installations, graphic, propaganda, fanzines and direct action. He's still making music and does performances. In the meanwhile he's finishing a PhD at the University of Arts, Poznan - Poland. The title of this research is 'Communication as Violence'. His work was in exhibitions in Poland, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, France, Latvia, U.S., etc.

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